Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nokia N97 The Mobile Computer by Aparajita Shankar

People who have a keen interest in the mobile phone technology, would know by now that Nokia is the best and a master when it comes to designing high end business mobiles and not to forget the new Nokia N97 Mini which is the most recent in the N series. This new gadget is available in various colors but the cherry black case is the most popular one.
The recent Nokia N97 Mini comes equipped with the very high end touch screen and a very popular QWERTY keypad that slides open. Also when the phone slides open, it just looks like a mini laptop or a computer and it has all the features which one can find in an actual computer. This new N Series phone from the house of Nokia has a 3.2 inches QVGA touch screen and it supports 16.7 million colors having a resolution 640 x 360 pixels. It also has a proximity sensor for an auto turn off, a handwriting recognition feature and an accelerometer sensor for auto rotation. All these features together make this phone a delight to use. This small and compact phone is only 5.25 cm wide, 1.42 cm deep and 11.3 cm tall when its sliding position is closed. Its battery also weighs only 138 gms.
N97 mini is the coolest gadget available as it comes with the pre installed Symbian v9.4 OS and is supported by series 5 software. 60 rel. 3G HSDPA, WLAN Wi-Fi UPnp support, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, EDGE, GPRS and a micro USB. All these technologies on the phone give its users the flexibility to share data with other devices very easily. The web browsers present in the Nokia N97 mini are X-HTML, WAP 2.0, HTML and the RSS feed feature takes its reliability to a higher level. This phone also supports Excel, word, PowerPoint and the PDF files and these can be viewed using the Document Viewer feature. It also has the Nokia Maps application pre loaded in it and its GPS navigation feature comes with A-GPS receiver.
Nokia N97 mini is surely the latest 3G phone available in the market by Nokia. It is considered as a giant because of it powerful multimedia features and with time it is definitely going to win the hearts of all its users.
With the contract based pay monthly and pay as you go deals, the users can avail all the great features of this phone without spending a lot of money and high monthly phone bills. A lot of other mobile phone deals are available with the providers and you can actually check with the seller if he is also providing you any special offer if you are buying it from them. Most of the pay monthly Nokia N97 contracts are for 6 months, 10 months or 12 months free line rentals. A lot of companies offer these deals which lets them avail a free mobile phone from a branded company. There are a lot of specific N97 deals available wherein you can get the phone free with the plan.

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