Monday, April 5, 2010

How a Personal Emergency Response System Can Assist People Who Feel Isolated or Live Alone by Ronald Davison

If you haven't yet heard about MediPendant™, then you are likely to be surprised by what this new technological breakthrough can offer to those who are living alone. This personal emergency response system is not just a senior alert; it also has a broad array of applications for people who live in relative isolation.
Many of those who live on their own have never considered a personal alert system. However, the fact of the matter is that this device can provide a substantial amount of security that can be relied upon day and night. In the case of an emergency, the MediPendant™ can be absolutely invaluable for someone who does not have anyone on hand paying attention to his or her security and safety.
The number of those who do not have other people in their home or nearby to depend upon is rising annually. According to the National Census Bureau, about 29.9 million people in the U.S. live alone. This number is up 17% from the data gathered in 1970. The sad facts are that if an emergency occurs, these individuals who live alone often have no one to rely upon. In many cases, if the individual were simply able to call for help, a potential disaster could have been averted.
The MediPendant™ has a wide range of functionality. This personal emergency response system pulls off an impressive technological feat when the personal alarm is activated. The second that the system is activated, the MediPendant doesn't send out an alarm, instead it connects the user instantly to a real living being. In fact, as soon as the user activates this system, he or she will be connected to an EMT-certified professional that can offer help.
The unit is small enough to be strapped to a wrist or clipped to a belt so that it can be worn constantly. Whether the emergency is medical or otherwise, the ability to instantly have a two-way conversation through the pendant itself with another person is a breakthrough. The MediPendant™ has a 600-foot range and is water resistant. In other words, it can be worn in a bath or shower.
If you are seeking an emergency alert system that has a wide-array of cutting edge technology woven into its design, the MediPendant™ is the logical choice as it is more than just a simple personal help button. Individuals who are home a good deal of the time alone, such as those with a spouse who works nights or is frequently away on business, will also be well served by the security that the MediPendant™ can offer.

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