Sunday, April 4, 2010

How can get not tracked by cell phones by Cellphonetrackers in Technology / Cell Phones (submitted 2010-04-04)

Do you feel that you don't have any privacy every time your cell phone is on? Are you tired of the GPS feature tracking your whereabouts? Well, here are three tips on how to stop the GPS tracker software on your cell phone.

Remove the GPS Antenna

If you are familiar with the internal circuit of your cell unit, you can safely remove the GPS antenna located on the motherboard or inside the rear housing. This can be done by opening the back casing of your phone. Take out your sim card and battery to remove the rear housing easily using a small screwdriver and by snapping the sides. After removing, you can now work directly on the circuit board, look for the GPS antenna as shown in the image (GPS of different phones have slight variation in appearance). Remove it slowly and you can now assemble your phone. Make sure to back-up important information from your phone and do a format or full restart to remove previous free cell phone tracking records.

The disadvantage with this is that you might accidentally remove the Bluetooth or the antenna of your cell phone. You can also bring your phone to a cell phone shop that offer repair service and let them remove the GPS antenna for you.

Disable the GPS Setting

cell phones with GPS features are surely provided with a GPS setting. You can modify it from the 'settings' found in the main menu of your phone. Look for either GPS, GPS services or GPS Location and turn it off. For some cell phones, you can select the option, 'emergency only' to allow emergency tracker locate you when you dial 911.


You've now learned that you can stop GPS mobile phone tracker software on your cell phone with a portable GPS jammer; by manually removing the GPS antenna mounted on the circuit board; and by simply turning off the GPS locator service right on your cell phone menu. If they can do the tracking, you can do the disabling...

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